New ways to do things, achieving a competitive
and sustainable agriculture

Innovación en nuestros procesos agrícolas

Our processes

GLOBAL TRADE DE COLIMA S.A.DE DE C.V., identified an area of opportunity through the use of the region's microclimate and climate change derived from global warming, with 100% national technology developed that will bring benefits to the company, as well as competitively position in the market since the characteristics of the technology are friendly to the environment and feasible production costs to generate competitiveness in the global market.

The technological strategy is structured by alliances with research centers and universities, through contact with its researchers who have committed to the company through collaboration agreements and advice on technological development and innovation in high-value by-products in important economic sectors such as the food and agroindustrial.

Innovation & development

A prototype of solar dehydration of fruits was developed, consisting of a galvanized structure covered with an intelligent thermal plastic plus that due to its polymeric components and special additives, allows the entry of heat rays, preventing the entry of UV rays, achieving an internal temperature of 60 to 65 degrees Celsius ideal for the dehydration of the fruit, as this means that only water is lost, conserving only the nutrients, fibers and enzymes essential for human consumption.

Panales Solares implementados en nuestros campos

Green Energy & Sustainable Development

As a complement, it is planned to develop a monitoring system based on humidity, temperature and oxygen sensors linked to software developed within the same company, which allows obtaining accurate and timely information for decision making. The use of the intelligent coating will allow us to have a useful life of three years or more, considering the care that should be taken when not mixing the film with sulfates or phosphates.

Likewise, the promotion of innovation in the production and trade sectors is proposed, by designing and developing the monitoring system through the use of systematic software and hardware, which will complement and complement the activities of the production process. to the company in its development and research department, to generate truthful and timely information for the production, warehouse and sales area.