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Frutas Deshidratadas Mango, Plátano, Piña, Papaya producidas en Colima, México

Dehydrated fruit

100% natural product, free of artificial flavors, colorants or added sugar. Our quality policy is based on health care, so we do not alter the natural process of the fruit. We currently dehydrate: ataulfo mango, giant bananas, banana, papaya and pineapple.

Productos empaquetados frutas deshidratadas
Flor de Sal de Mar de Cuyutlán Colima, México

Salt of Cuyutlán

Empaque Flor de Mar de Cuyutlán, Colima, México

The salt of Cuyutlán is one of the most recognized worldwide, being one of the most popular condiments in the kitchen. It is composed of chlorine, sodium and essential minerals that we have incorporated into our diet through food.

Among the properties of salt in food is to enhance its flavor and preserve it, add a sufficient amount of salt to our diet, because it facilitates digestion, helps maintain the level of body fluids, allows the transmission of nerve impulses, muscle activity and the adequate absorption of potassium, and, in addition, compensates for the losses produced by excess sweating, vomiting and diarrhea.

Flower of Salt

Empaque Flor de Sal de Cuyutlán, Colima, México

The Flower of Salt is a perfect combination between health and flavor counting on the following properties:

  • Free of toxic substances, such as: heavy metals, nitrates, carbohydrates, and much more.
  • It contains a variety of minerals and trace elements beneficial to the Romanian body.
  • Low sodium content, so, this product can be consumed by people suffering from diabetes, hypertension and kidney failure.

Fresh fruit

Our crops are cared for under the quality standards that govern organic agriculture, which promotes and supports the integral development and quality of life of the human being.

Frutas Frescas, Mango, Coco, Papaya, Piña